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Overheard at Values Voters Summit: Sarah Palin Talks Racism and the Liar That Lives at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue That Must Be Stopped

Sarah Palin was in rare form on Friday during the Values Voters Summit, a meeting of conservative Christians backed by the Family Research Council.

In her speech sprinkled with talk of wedding rings, liberal haters and mama grizzlies, she also found time to announce why conservatives were not racists after all.

“And pulling that race card, pulling the race card, how much longer do you think they’re going to — oh, it’s just — it’s not even smart,” she said, calling conservatives the slandered group in America today.

” It’s not even smart, when one simply wants our government to live within its means and to not tax us to and beyond death, not to mortgage our kids’ future, and that being for today’s selfish wants. Because of that, we’re racists?” she asked.

She then encouraged conservatives to not take the label ‘racist’ put on them by the “lamestream media” and liberals and fight back.

“They scream racism our way just to end debate,” Palin declared. “Don’t retreat, you reload with the truth, which I know is an endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue, anyway truth,”

In case you are wondering, 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue does not actually exist.

The Willard Hotel is located at 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW and after quick review of their posh looking, white people-filled web site, it seems unlikely they would be the source of Republican ire.

Sarah Palin, though, soon made it clear she really meant the White House (which is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW), which is where the chief liar lives, according to her.

“The media’s favorite president, he just can’t stop telling lies,” she said to laughter. “You know, he just said that the Islamic State, ISIS, isn’t Islamic. You know who that is news to? The Islamic State, who calls themself [sic] the Islamic State. And it’s news to thousands and thousands of Muslims who’ve joined their death cult. So if the Islamic State wasn’t Islamic, well, why does it have such appeal around the – you guessed it – the Muslim world?”

She then concluded by telling the conservative choir to keep their chin up in these tough times of liars, lamestream media, and conservative Christian slandering.

“Fon’t let them get you down, OK?” she said.  “America needs you.”

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