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Liberal Crybaby? Conservatives Can’t Help But Bash the Clintons’ First Grandkid

On Friday, Bill and Hillary Clinton welcomed into the world their first grandchild.

Daughter Chelsea was beaming the next day when she took to Facebook and Twitter to announce her new arrival, saying she and her husband were “full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.”

Unbelievably, conservatives could not even give the new family a little bit of time to settle into life with their new addition before they decided to use the announcement of the birth of the healthy little girl to mock the Clintons and even call the newborn names.

Tweeter ‘Reasons to Vote GOP’ used the fact Chelsea Clinton’s name was trending to post, “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.”

If that isn’t mean enough, others insisted that the baby was only born as a political prop.

“And you, little one, were born so that your grandmother would be seen as more human.” Joshua Harvey wrote, not forgetting to hashtag ‘bendghazi.’

More than one person used the new Clinton kid as a chance to talk about the liberal stance on abortion.

“Unless of course the gift is a free abortion. Are you sure @ChelseaClinton hasn’t been ‘punished’ with a baby?” Jeffrey L Watts tweeted, which unfortunately pales in comparison with this nasty tweet from DM Keesey:


While Twitter is not known for its decorum, apparently even the press decided to get in on the act, with the NY Post going classy with the cover story, “Another Liberal Crybaby for Liberal Dems.”

Despite the ill-wishes from the conservative camp, Little Charlotte and her mom, Chelsea, appear to be doing fine.

Photo Credit: Cover/ New York Post

H/t: Liberaland

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  • Davis Foulger

    Safe to say that the “liberal media” is thriving in America.

    Another inappropriate day at the office at the NY Post.

    • In what way is this inappropriate? And in what way is this liberal?

      • Davis Foulger

        There are obvious reasons why it is inappropriate. It’s a baby. This is a clear case of “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

        And of course it isn’t “liberal”. That’s why I quoted “liberal media”. We do not have a “liberal media” in the U.S. It is arguable that we never did, but we certainly don’t have one in an age where over 90% of the news reporting is done by six companies. The NY Post isn’t even close to the extreme of our nations overwhelmingly conservative reporting, but its certainly no where near the reasonably balanced middle ground either.

  • Goforride

    Right wingnuts just get better and better at showing what animals they truly are.

  • amosnme

    It’s really sad and pathetic that people can’t be happy, or at least civil, to a new baby, the baby’s parents and grandparents. Innocence at it’s best as a newborn and ignorance at its worst as those who speak as idiots.

  • Pam Judkins

    No wonder republicans are so hated…it’s a baby for God’s sake…

  • Aloanstar

    Man, republicans are just an unbelievably nasty, hateful group. If a baby can’t even make them happy, they are gone.

  • CColvin

    Conservatives are the scum of the earth, just disgusting!!

  • Vincent Caione

    Rep the hate party.

  • I think we have found the missing link, Republicans

  • Marc Daneker

    This is why TeaPublicans need a “we are people too” ad campaign, ’cause they’re viscous monsters. Of course, it was found that most of the “republicans” in that ad are “stock photo’s”

  • LyndaLBD

    Wow, really??? Bash a baby and the birth of a baby, and really?? include Benghazi (especially since the panel found NO WRONG DOING ON HILLARY’S PART!) Really republicans??? REALLY?? Can’t y’all be nice and just congratulate the couple??