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Whoa! Conservative Pundit Says Women Who Have Abortions Should Face the Death Penalty

The controversial National Review writer Ken Williamson is back with another outrageous claim.

In August, Williamson sparked internet ire when he compared a small African-American boy to a monkey, claiming the child made a “gesture of primate territorial challenge.”

Now, Williamson has made an even more outlandish remark,  insisting  that women who have abortion and abortion supporters are murderers who should face the death penalty for their actions.

The remarks actually began as a response to Lena Dunham’s article discussing why women should vote.

Somehow, that turned into a heated debate on Twitter captured by Talking Points Memo about abortion and Williamson’s preferred method of doing away with people who terminate a pregnancy for any reason.

Tweeter Jodi Johnson challenged Williamson’s anti-abortion views asking him, “Still waiting for answers: Your wife needs a life-saving abortion, otherwise she dies. You would let her die?”

Another tweeter, Charles Johnson, pushed him further, asking “What about the politicians who vote in favor of legal abortion? Charge them too?”

After Williamson replied that he would charge everyone involved in the ‘criminal architecture’, the conversation got even weirder, with the National Review writer claiming that he even thought the death penalty was appropriate for those involved in abortions.

“I’m torn on capital punishment generally; but treating abortion as homicide means what it means,” Williamson tweeted, adding, “There is nothing unscientific about my views; ‘personhood’ is the metaphysical dodge in abortion debate.”

He even gave his preferred method of death. “I have hanging more in mind.”

Johnson, who had been pushing Williamson to justify his claims, at one point tweeted to the writer, “Thanks for clarifying you really believe that. I thought it was possible you were joking, but you really are that bloodthirsty.”

While the views are shocking, they are unlikely to get Williamson in hot water. The folks at the conservative National Review eat that kind of stuff up for lunch.

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