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Call His Bedridden Mother? Michigan GOP Goes Too Far By Sending Mailer With Opponent’s Mom’s Phone Number in Hospice

The Michigan Republican Party has gone way beyond dirty politics when it sent a mailer to voters asking them to call a number to complain about Obamacare.

The number, which the mailer says belongs to Democratic challenger, John Fisher, actually rang to the bedside phone of his bedridden mother, who is 91-years-old and in hospice care.

Fisher said that it is not the first time the GOP has published private information on mailers and encouraged people to harass him.

“The Republican Party has encouraged people to call me before, which worked to my advantage, because most people agree with me that policies that improve life for families and seniors are good for Michigan,” Fisher said. “But to direct people to call a suffering woman who deserves peace and comfort is beyond the pale. Their lack of ethics and contempt for personal privacy is just another reason for people to question what – or better, who – the Republican Party stands for, so that they can make a wise decision at the ballot box on Nov. 4.”

A member of the Michigan Nurses Association Board, Becky Baldwin, also stressed that the minute a patient was disturbed, the GOP went far beyond campaign strategy.

“As a nurse, I am appalled at the GOP’s personal violation against a patient,” she said. “Harassing patients undergoing treatment should be out of bounds for any politician.”

After the scandal broke, Fisher’s campaign manager told MLive that there is a chance that the phone number on the ad – which just so happens to mention the word ‘bedridden’ and is about healthcare – may have been due to the fact the number is actually registered under his name.

Fisher also called for his Republican opponent to denounce his party’s abusive practices.

“My competitor, Brandt Iden, should denounce the Michigan Republican Party for such appalling tactics in his name,” Fisher said in the news release. “Lansing Republicans showed contempt for all seniors when they forced them to pay extra in order to fund giveaways for major corporations.”

Iden, who said that his campaign had nothing to do with the mailers, said that he does not “condone negative campaign tactics and it’s not something my campaign has done or anticipates doing.”

The Michigan Republican Party is yet to formally comment on the ads.

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