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Boise Creationists Have ‘Proof’ Humans Rode on Triceratops

A group of Boise creationists have already announced plans to build a full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark. Now they claim that their new museum, once funded, will also feature proof of the rather remarkable claim — humans rode on triceratops.

According to Doug Bennett the not-yet-built museum, dubbed the Northwest Science Museum, will encourage people to use their critical thinking skills to decide between creationism and state-funded science.

“We want to bring that out and say, ‘Ok, people. Let’s make your choice here.’ Don’t just believe because you’re being told that. Think for yourself. Use critical thinking and think, does this make sense?” Bennett said in a videotaped promotional video. “Or is it better to believe what the Bible says — that God created all things.”

Stan Lutz, a field paleontologist added that the museum’s mission is to “present the true science that has been hidden from the public.”

He also pointed to one rather unique object already on display at their Vision Center – a rented space where their artifacts and plans are on display – an Ica Stone.

The so-called Ica Stones were debunked nearly 40 years ago when the finder of the artifacts, Dr. Javier Cabrera, admitted he forged them himself.

Lutz, however, maintains that the Ica Stones that they have are the real deal and prove something rather startling. Humans, did in fact, co-exist with dinosaurs and even domesticate them.

Showing off one of his ‘genuine’ Ica Stones, he claimed, “you can see there’s a man on it riding on a triceratops dinosaur.”

He added other stones and artifacts hidden from the public that show additional marvels of life with humans and dinosaurs. “We have rocks showing at least 14 species of dinosaur that are all accurately drawn,” he stressed.

The pair also said that they hope understanding dinosaurs and humans co-existed will help people understand creation science better without the government getting in the way.

“We want to present science not only from the evolutionist paradigm shown in state-controlled museums, but also show the compelling censored science that those museums do not show, in order to allow people to draw their own conclusions about the origins of life,” the pair said on their website promoting their vision that they hope like-minded donors will support.
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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