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Pat Robertson Blames ‘Loving-Up’ on Immigrant Kids for Enterovirus D68 Outbreak

While much talk in the news has been focused on the fear of an Ebola outbreak, there is another deadly illness hitting American children hard.

Enterovirus D68 has caused a handful of deaths and has sickened nearly 500 kids.

The outbreak is mysterious because while many people may get it, in the vast majority of people it will act like a common cold, only rarely turning deadly. It is also heartbreaking because it is often young children that die.

Despite Rush Limbaugh’s and others right-wingers claims, though, there is absolutely no proof that enterovirus D68 comes from Central America.

Even in the right wing rag WND’s own words, an expert from the Center for Disease Control acknowledged that while the enterovirus outbreak was indeed troubling, it was not in any way linked to child immigrants at the nation’s southern border:

Benjamin N. Haynes, CDC senior spokesman for the infectious disease team, told WND there’s “no connection” between the virus outbreak and the Obama administration’s relocation of illegal aliens across America who have come across the U.S.-Mexico border.

The lack of any proof did not stop Pat Robertson from once again pointing the finger at the kids coming across America’s southern border on today’s show though.

“I don’t know if anybody has done an analysis and it may be way off the wall as to the fact we’ve had this flood of children coming across the border from Central America, did they carry with them viruses that we were not familiar with in the United States and haven’t built up immunity to? It’s entirely possible,” he said before launching into his own stomach bug he got from Romanians.

He then very creepily suggested that you can get sick when you ‘love-up’ on foreign kids.

“There were thousands and thousands coming across the Rio Grande and then they’re spread across the states all across America, I don’t know, it’s just one of those things, but I do know what happened to me trying to love-up on those children, they are so sweet, they get in your lap, and you want to kiss them, and they want to kiss you, and they want to hug you, and all that other stuff, and it was beautiful and we were giving them toys and they were so happy but they left me with a little bug,” he said, not sounding at all like a pedophile.

He then concluded that after his Romanian kid-loving, his doctors gave him antibiotics and he was fine, but warned that kids from other countries can, indeed, be dangerous.

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