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Try Again! Fox News Tries to Blame Obama for Launch of 24-Year-Old ‘Copwatch’ Group

Fox News host Steve Doocy likes to blame Barack Obama for just about everything.

Earlier this week, he blamed the Obama administration about lying about ‘things’ making it impossible to trust the Center for Disease Control.

Now, along with  “America’s Lawyer,” Peter Johnson Jr., Doocy tried to blame Obama for a 24-year-old organization formed to keep cops accountable.

The segment started with Johnson talking about the growing number of “cop paparazzi” that insist on filming police and their actions.

“Is this cynicism and distrust of police coming from the very top of the criminal justice chain?” Johnson said, before showing a clip of outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder who he claimed “wants the people of Ferguson to know” that he “understands that mistrust”when it comes from cops.

He then showed a clip of President Barack Obama making a speech at the United Nations referencing Ferguson where Obama noted, “the eyes of the world were upon the small city of Ferguson, Missouri.

Based on these two clips alone and no further explanation, Johnson implied that both Obama and Holder (and not the growing number of police brutality cases making headlines) were to blame for two groups that film cops.

“So groups like Copwatch and Cop Block,” Johnson said, “are taking to the streets and taping police officers.”

Here is the trouble though. Copwatch was founded in 1990 in Berkeley, California. Cop Block, while newer, was started way before Ferguson in 2010. Neither group are at all aligned with the Obama administration.

Still, Johnson said that they are around because there is an atmosphere of mistrust around the cops forged by Obama and Holder, which made him question, “Shouldn’t we have more confidence in their ability to do the right thing [the cops of course, NOT Obama and Holder]?”

Chiming in, Doocy agreed that the mistrust of cops has gotten out of control.

“Sure,” Doocy replied, “after Ferguson, a lot of people were saying, ‘Why don’t police offers wear little video cameras?’ I like that idea.”

“But if someone’s just standing next to an officer with a camera saying, ‘I’m not doing anything, I’m just waiting for you to do something stupid,’” he continued before trailing off.

“You’re right,” Johnson responded, saying the filming he thinks is prompted by the Obama administration had to stop. “There are studies that say it decreases violence, it decreases police abuse, that it’s good all around. But the bigger question is, how intrusive, how disruptive, how dangerous is it to have squads of Americans going around saying, ‘I’m going to watch you police officer,’ ‘I don’t believe what you’re doing,’ ‘you’re a suspect inherently.’”

Photo Credit: Fox News

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