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A College Republican Shut Down a Voter Registration Drive Because She ‘Doesn’t Want People Registered Whatsoever’

The head of a group of College Republicans on a North Carolina campus doesn’t care who it is that trying to register people to vote. She just doesn’t want it to happen on her campus at all.

In this case, Leigh Thomas of the High Point University was actually telling the conservative group, Turning Point, that she did not approve of them encouraging her fellow students to vote even though they were actually on her political side.

“I just do not want to have people being registered to vote, whatsoever,” Thomas said in a videotaped encounter. “I’m just not sure if this is something I would want to have on this High Point University campus, the registration of voting [sic].”

She also stressed she was uncomfortable with the outreach to the students.

“I don’t approve of it whatsoever—on a campus like High Point University,” she stressed. ”I don’t want to have any voting registration happening on this campus, with students.”

In 2012, in the lead-up to the Presidential elections, the campus actually hosted eight voting drives, which Leigh acknowledged, but seemed to think this is not the same thing.

“If it’s not done the way we did it back in 2012,” she said, “I’m not — I’m not good with it.”

A University Spokesperson said the student was just trying to make sure the campus was safe for everyone.

“Because the safety and security of our students is our top priority, HPU asks that outside groups officially register to host activities or events through a recognized student group,” Pamela Haynes said. “We believe the student who was recorded on video without her consent was trying to reinforce this policy.”

While that might well be the case, it seems suspicious that Thomas’ response comes at the same time that state Republicans are pushing for a voter restriction law,

According to the News Observer, that GOP-backed law “will disproportionally make voting more difficult for African-Americans and young people is cynically being promoted as a protection of voting integrity. It is a contrived cover for voter suppression that rings as false as trying to justify racial segregation as a defense of state rights.”

Photo Credit: CrownJewel82, Video via Campus Reform

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