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NIH Official tells Fox News: Border Kids and Terrorists Are Not Going to Cause an Ebola Pandemic

For months now, politicians and conservative pundits have been preaching that Ebola may come from infected kids crossing the U.S. border, or worse terrorists.

This morning on Fox News, however, an National Institute of Health soundly put those rumors to rest.

Echoing concerns raised in conservative circles, Fox host Chris Wallace asked Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, “What are the chances that illegal immigrants are going to come over our porous southern border with Ebola or that terrorists will purposely send someone here using Ebola as a bioterror weapon?”

Dr. Fauci responded that the chances were very, very remote.

“I wouldn’t be worrying about illegal immigrants coming from southern borders when we have an issue right now with Ebola in West Africa. That’s a hypothetical that’s very far-fetched,” he explained to Wallace, echoing previous remarks by health officials on the issue.

He also said when it comes to Ebola, his concern is for West Africa, where the disease is raging and people are dying a horrific death with little medical intervention, not here in the United States where medical technology can contain and treat the disease more effectively.

“As far as terrorism, nature right now Chris, is the worst bioterrorist. I’m worried more about the natural evolution in West Africa than I am about a terrorist,” Fauci continued.

At that point, even Wallace conceded that the use of Ebola – which is not airborne and much harder to contract than most people realize – would not be very smart for terrorists.

“I also suppose if you’re going to do a bioterror weapon, Ebola isn’t the most effective one,” Wallace said.

The always matter-of-a-fact Dr. Fauci agreed.

“If I were a bioterrorist, that would not be my choice,” the NIH official told the host. “It would be inefficient. Nature does it much worse than a bioterrorist.”

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