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Right-Wing Conspiracy: Obama is Working With ISIS to Spread Ebola in US and Implant Americans With Trackers

It should be noted that health officials have pointed out that Ebola, which is not airborne, would be a terrible way to try to cause a pandemic here in the United States since it requires contact of vomit, mucus and other gross stuff of the infected person.

That has not stopped the far-right for blaming Obama for purposely bringing Ebola to America and accusing him of trying to launch an epidemic to destroy America though.

In one particularly egregious accusation, Michael Savage even insisted Obama is trying to infect Americans because he hates white people and wants them to suffer just like black people in third world countries.

The ever fact-challenged Rick Wiles has also claimed Obama is infecting U.S. soldiers with Ebola so they will bring it back and start a pandemic, because apparently Obama wants to destroy America any way he can.

In today’s Barbwire, however, Laurie Roth upped the ante on conspiracy theories by claiming Obama is actually working with ISIS to pepper American with infected people.

“Forget suicide bombers with explosives attached to them. They have evolved to the next level now. ISIS might as well join the disease party, so by Christmas we can have a nice variety package of destruction and horror…lets see, EVD 68, EBOLA, TB and Scabies. Anyone want some bloody slush with your Christmas hors d’oeuvres?,” she said trying to warn people that by December the ISIS plants will have caused a pandemic across the country.

She then explained, that unlike the rest of us, she see through Obama and knows exactly what he is doing ‘letting’ ISIS into the country with their disease-bombs.

 …And what is the purpose of all this disease, lack of protection and border security??? It appears to be potentially the “full meal deal” for Obama and his goals. 1) Establish over the next few years mindless, dependent and UN-American foreign voters and supporters for Obama and his goals. 2) Punish America for her achievements by riddling her with diseases and maiming her children. 3) Create a guise to declare martial law due to created outbreaks. Control speech, food, travel and health care. 4) Demand adults and children take some sort of mandated/mystery vaccination that kills off even more people.

She concluded by warning that those vaccines would not only kill, they would end freedom as we know it for all Americans because the real goal of Obama is to implant trackers in unsuspecting people thinking they are getting a life-saving vaccine.

“My prediction is that a forced vaccination plan from Obama and his administration is on its way,” she said without giving any source for what must be a top-secret plan. ” This will not only allow someone put in control (so Obama can’t be blamed) to release something potentially fatal into our system, but also act as a tracker – the complete end of our privacy and freedom.”

Photo Credit: Truthout

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