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Busted: Conservative Newscast Debunks Klayman’s Birther Lies On the Air

Larry Klayman just can’t stop talking about how Obama was not born in the United States.

He even has filed a petition calling for Obama to be immediately deported.

When the Tea Party activist appeared on conservative NewsMax on Monday, then, he probably thought he had a willing audience for some of his most audacious birther claims.

Turns out, he was wrong.

Launching into the reasons behind the deportation petition during the broadcast, he said that he had proof that Obama’s birth certificate was a fake because it said ‘African-American’ and the term was not used when Obama was born.

Host Ed Berliner, though, refused to take Klayman’s word for it.

First he told Klayman that the whole ‘African-American’ thing had been debunked before, including by FactCheck.org.

Klayman’s only response was that it was a “lefty group” and Obama was  a notorious liar.

The Tea Party-er could not as easily dismiss the next piece of evidence, however.

Berliner put up on the screen Obama’s birth certificate, which reads ‘African’ not ‘African-American.”

Despite just being made out to be liar, Klayman then continued on to his next main point – Obama is a Muslim who hates Jews.

“I’ll tell you what the litmus test is,” Klayman told Berliner, trying to change the subject. “This guy acts as if he’s Muslim, and he acts as if he has an affinity towards these people. Of course, his father was half Muslim. He in fact has been very negative, if not destructive, towards Israel. In my view, he is anti-Semitic.”

Berliner then asked Klayman if he thought such outrageous claims were good for conservatives. Klayman still tried to say he was just trying to oust evil, illegal Obama.

Unswayed, Berliner finally asked Klayman if he just wanted attention with his outrageous conspiracy theories.

“I don’t seek publicity. I want to get the job done, and I thank you for putting me on your show so we can get the word out,” Klayman said, acting like he was not just humiliated by a fellow conservative on the air.

“Well, we do want to get the word out, but also want to make sure the truth gets out as well,” Berliner remarked, making it clear that he still didn’t believe Klayman one bit.

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