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Get a Job and Get Off Crack! Clash Between Cardinals Fans and Ferguson Protesters Turns Racist

On Monday night, pro-Darren Wilson supporters clashed with Ferguson protesters outside Busch Stadium during the Cardinals last home game of the season.

It began when Wilson supporters started cheering ‘Darren Wilson’  and ‘Let’s Go Darren’ to counter the Ferguson group protesting nearby. One man even sported a Cardinals jersey in which he had taped, over the player’s name, the name of the cop who shot Michael Brown.


Things only got worse from there.

As the confrontation continued, the heated exchange caught on tape by Argus Streaming News  devolved even further into to a virtual laundry list of racial stereotypes shouted at the protesters, who, given the fact one of them talked to the man with a camera, were likely to know they were being taped.

At one point, one of the seemingly mostly white Cardinal fan hecklers told the black protesters to get a job.

“That’s right! If they’d be working, we wouldn’t have this problem!” the older white man shouted.


A few minutes later a blonde woman in the Cardinal fans crowd suggested that instead of protesting, the African-American young people should just be grateful for all those privileges that they white people gave them.

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“We’re the ones who gave all y’all the freedoms that you have!”she screamed.

When the man holding the camera points out he is a Marine and actually fought for freedom for all people including those hating on him, another older woman said she does not believe him and asked him how ‘far he got.’


Nearly 15 minutes into the recording, the Wilson group starts shouting “USA, USA, USA!” which prompted one woman to yell at the protesters a few minutes later, “AFRICA! AFRICA! AFRICA!”

The Cardinals have not yet issued a statement on the crowds behavior, but they have issued a statement calling for unity in the time of trouble in the area.

“In recent days we have all been heartbroken by a series of violent events that do not reflect who we are as a people,” the baseball organization told their fans in August. “We ask that you join us tonight in taking a stand against violence as we unite as one community.”

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H/t: Deadspin

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