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Pro-Life Evangelicals Urge Florida’s Governor to Embrace Climate Change as Fact

Typically, the evangelical movement has not been enthusiastic supporters of climate change measures. Now, a pro-life group in Florida is spreading the word you can be pro-life and pro-planet too.

In a new radio ad, the Evangelical Environmental Network is using God-talk to preach about the warming planet and how it all fits in with their faith.

“I would like to see the environment protected. That’s what God created,” one voice in the ad says.

Another voice stresses that being evangelical does not mean you must be a climate change denier.

“I’m pro-life, and I’m pro-family and I do believe that we should do all that we can to protect our environment,” the voice points out. “It was given to us by God.”

A third voice reveals the real target of their ad, Florida’s climate denying governor Rick Scott.

“I think Governor Scott ought to protect our environment because the Bible indicates as Christians we ought to take care of the Earth,” the voice explains.

The ad ends with a call for like-minded evangelicals to let Scott know that his climate denial does not speak for them.

“Climate change is real, it endangers the health of our children, worsens poverty throughout the world, and threatens our economy,” the voiceover instructs. “Call Gov. Rick Scott and tell him as pro-life Christians we believe care for God’s creation is one of the greatest moral challenges of our time.”

Current Governor Rick Scott, an Evangelical Christian who speaks openly about his faith, has repeatedly dodged the climate change debate and even used climate denial as part of his platform during the 2010 elections.

In August, however, he met with scientists who warned him that climate change was not only real, but could lead to dire consequences if left unchecked.

Despite the fact the professors even talked about how green technologies could be good for the Florida economy, they ended up leaving unconvinced they changed Scott’s mind.

“I’m inherently an optimist,” said David Hastings, a professor of marine science and chemistry at Eckerd College told Reuters. “I’m also a realist. I’m concerned he might not do anything.”

Given that fact that his climate change embracing opponent Crist is in the lead in the polls for the upcoming election, though, there is always a chance that if he thinks he might lose enough of the evangelical vote because of his stance, Scott may be persuaded to change his mind, or at least that is what EEN is hoping with their latest ad.

Photo Credit: Evangelical Environmental Network/Youtube

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