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Cardinal Fans Plan to Sport Pro-Darren Wilson T-Shirts at Playoff Games

Recently, St. Louis Cardinal fans clashed with Ferguson protesters outside the stadium and shouted their support of Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Michael Brown and launched the Ferguson protests.

Now, just in time for the playoffs, Darren Wilson supporters are hawking pro-Wilson playoff tees.

The shirts, which are being advertised on the group’s Facebook page, can be ordered at Barney’s Sports Pub, the same place the last round of Darren Wilson t-shirts were sold.

The front of the shirts say, “Go Cards.” The back feature the name of Darren Wilson and the number ‘6.’

Raw Story’s Tony Boggioni explained the message behind the number ‘6.’

The significance of the ’6′ — also found on wristbands stating “We got your 6″ –  is a military expression meaning “I’ve got your back,” and, coincidentally,  the number of gunshot wounds Brown suffered when Wilson shot the teen on August 9th, setting off a wave of protests and a national debate on the high incidence of police officers shooting black teens.

All the proceeds from the shirts go directly to Darren Wilson. Wristbands are also available for $5 for those hoping to show their support.

While the Cardinals have not issued a statement about either the t-shirts or the conflict outside the stadium, they have issued a statement for unity in the days after Brown’s death.

“In recent days we have all been heartbroken by a series of violent events that do not reflect who we are as a people,” the baseball organization told  their fans in August. “We ask that you join us tonight in taking a stand against violence as we unite as one community.”

In a somewhat ironic moment, during the conflict with Ferguson protesters outside the stadium, one woman, who was previously shouting ‘Lets Go Darren’, told the protesters that the stadium and outside a ball game was an inappropriate place for their political message and encouraged them to go home, which apparently is something that the group thinks does not apply if it involves matching t-shirts.

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