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Ted Nugent Thinks Poor People Have Every Imaginable Luxury In the World, Just Like Him

Millionaire National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent thinks there is no need to worry about poor people. They live in luxury, just like him.

In a recent column for WND, Nugent – saying he represented ‘we the people’ –  talked about why the government is soft on those luxury-living poor folk.

“We can’t believe our government squawks about so many living in so-called poverty when the vast majority of such poor people have cellphones and every imaginable luxury known to man,” he ranted, failing to explain that most poor people with cellphones have no landlines and they use those phones to communicate with schools, work, and yes, occasionally friends.

He also blasted the Obama administration and accused him of conspiring to bring immigrant kids across the border.

“We refuse to believe that all those children showing up at our southern border just happen to make that near impossible journey all on their own,” he continued, not really explaining why Obama would lure kids over the border as a covert policy in the first place.

Of course, he said, that the border issue was just one of the shady dealing of Obama and his ‘gang.’

“Now more than ever, we the people are painfully aware that those subject to the separation of powers have become nothing more than a conspiratorial gang against us,” he claimed, still in the name of ‘we the people.’

The biggest lie of all, though, according to Nugent, is that Obama is a Christian.

“We don’t believe that our president is a Christian,” he said.

Furthermore, thanks to non-Christian Obama, America is now full of “vampire wolves” that Nugent wants exorcised.

“[V]ampire wolves be gone. It is now or never, America. Are you American enough?” Nugent said, encouraging his fellow conservatives to not believe Obama’s lies or those poor people who talk on cellphones but say they have a hard life.

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  • Thom Lee

    I’d really like these jerks to live like the poor for even just two years. I was disabled but now am retired. Not only do you get what you’ve paid in like an early retirement. But depending on low income may qualify for medicaid that comes along with medicare for disabled people. That allows the government to own you. You need to openly account for every asset you have. A COLA can put you over the top and means a paydown. That’s paying out if your monthly income an amount determined by government insurance before they kick in to help.

    You need to care your soul annually to requalify or not! Any paycheck is better than being on any form of government assistance. By the time you pay medical expenses you try eating it having gas in the very old car that often doesn’t work but you can’t afford to fix it.

    I’ m one if the few lucky ones. I got an inheritance. Even then I had to fight to get off medicaid so not to be a fraud. They said at social services they’d never heard of anybody trying to get off aid. They suggested I just let it be. That’s how messed up government assistance is.

    I still live like a pauper but at least I don’t need to jump through the governments hoops. I don’t need to worry about qualifying. I don’t need to worry about the meds that keep me alive.

    If there politicians on the right get their way. Beniufuts will be cuyt and people will die. Dead people don’t cost anything. The working poor won’t need help. Tell me about b ring a third world country where the only choice for the poor is to see how long it takes for them to starve or die from lack of medical care.

    Shame on you Ted and all those like you!

  • elaine stenzel

    I placed a blurb but they deleted it,because it was putting down the asswipe nugent.you morons