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Toughen Up or We are Out! Huckabee and NOM Threaten to Leave GOP if They Don’t Get More Anti-Gay

This week, Mike Huckabee threw a tantrum because the Republican Party is not anti-gay enough, especially when it comes to same-sex marriage.

Declaring himself “utterly exasperated” by the parties unwilling to stand tall on their anti-gay agenda, he said that if the GOP does not start playing it straight they will “lose guys like me and a whole bunch of still God-fearing, Bible-believing people.”

“I’m gone,” Huckabee warned. “I’ll become an independent. I’ll start finding people that have guts to stand. I’m tired of this.”

Now, it seems that Huckabee has at least one backer for his claims.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has said that if Huckabee splits, they are gone too.

In a press release, NOM warned of the dire consequences if Republicans did not refuse to allow gay marriage to take hold.

“Governor Huckabee is exactly right and is speaking for millions of Americans who are sick of Republican elitists remaining silent and refusing to fight for the survival of marriage, the principal building block of society and the foundation of civilization,” Brian S. Brown, president of NOM said, hailing Huckabee a hero. “Republicans who remain silent on marriage do so at their own peril and risk losing elections across the country. If conservatives see Republican candidates fail to lead on marriage — or worse, come out in favor of redefining marriage — then conservatives will abandon those candidates.”

The NOM announcement also listed a number of Republicans that they have deemed unworthy to support because they were not conservative enough.

“NOM has joined with other groups to actively campaign against Carl DeMaio and Richard Tisei, along with Oregon Republican US Senate candidate Monica Wehby, because they are antithetical to the Republican platform and GOP principles,” the announcement said, adding that in addition to being soft on same-sex marriage, these candidates failed to be serious enough about stopping abortion too and thus had failed to represent the GOP.

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