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Meet Kathie Glass: The Tea Party Candidate Backed by Open Carry Texas Who May Help Davis on Election Day

With the governor’s race heating up in Texas, there is one name no one has heard much about in the news. Kathie Glass is a libertarian candidate for Texas’ top post and is running on a platform that would make Cliven Bundy proud.

Talking about tyranny and the states rights on her web page, Glass claims she is the smartest one around to tackle the issues facing Texas in the next four years.

“I am the only person in this race with the vision of the collapse and tyranny that is coming, a plan for how Texas stays strong and free when that time comes, and the guts to see it through,” she promises on her campaign page, next to a photo of her on a cowboy hat.

She also makes it clear she is not a Republican, like those ‘cronies’ in office and encourages people not to vote for one.

“I have been involved in the Tea Party movement since its inception five years ago. The very existence of the Tea Party is due to the failure of the Republican Party and its candidates and officeholders to stand for liberty, instead opting time and again to do the bidding of the special interest cronies,” she wrote in a recent open letter. 

She also seems to have a ringing endorsement from at least one group of Texans – the Open Carry crowd.

Today, Glass was actually on their parade float at the Brazoria County Fair parade to support their right to open carry weapons at the fair.

With the men and women of Open Carry ‘demonstrating’ by carrying their weapons at that family friendly event dispersed through the spectators, Glass waved and held a sign calling for people to vote for her.

After the event, Open Carry thanked Glass for her special appearance in support of their cause.

“Oddly, no one was shot, injured, maimed, robbed, murdered, raped, assaulted, kidnapped, or killed,” the group said on Facebook after their open carry demonstration and parading and the family-friendly event. “Special thanks again to Kathie Glass for Texas Governor for her support of unconditional gun rights in Texas. No other candidate can claim that.”

While Glass’ numbers do not even figure into the polls in the heated Governor’s race, oddly enough Glass’ continued campaign can only help Wendy Davis’ cause, since if anything, Glass is likely only to siphon off votes from Republicans come election day, possibly narrowing the gap between Davis and Abbott.

Photo Credit: Facebook

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