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Open Carry Texas Prez Thinks Daily Show Interview Went Great and He Did Not Sound Like an Extremist At All

CJ Grisham is the head of Open Carry Texas and has a history of seeing things a little differently than most people.

For example, after marching in a fair parade over the weekend with longshot gubernatorial hopeful Kathie Glass and having people carry guns around the family-friendly fairgrounds to demonstrate their rights, he seemed to think the day was nothing but good PR.

“Oddly, no one was shot, injured, maimed, robbed, murdered, raped, assaulted, kidnapped, or killed,” Grisham said on Facebook, poking fun of his detractors, including the mayor who was so concerned about their protest that he issued a press release warning citizens the group would be there in advance.

Now after the Daily Show sent a reporter to interview him in Texas, Grisham seems to think that the interview went great and the show, which pretty much harpoons everyone, won’t make him look bad at all.

After the segment, which will air sometime this week, Grisham took to Facebook to pat himself on the back.

“It was a good interview,” Grisham told his Facebook followers. “It will show we are human and can have a sense of humor. I stayed away from extremist comments. My winning line was, ‘being armed while eating a piece of pizza gives me a peace of mind I won’t be a victim.'”

He also posted a picture of himself during the interview standing on a box to compensate for his short height without even a hint of worry of any obvious ‘compensation’ jokes and where that might lead.

Even Grisham’s fellow gun lovers thought it was a really bad idea and that it will end up in a “hatchet job” that just makes gun lovers look like gun nuts.

“I’d be careful with Stewart. He isn’t in OCT’s corner and would like nothing more than to marginalize OCT as the ‘gun nuts’ he thinks we all are!” Derek Couperthwaite advised.

The group ‘Gun Free Zones = Crime Spree Zones’ also thought Grisham would not come out looking good.

“It will be a hatchet job I guarantee it,” they warned.

Grisham responded to their concerns by saying he is not worried because he has a copy of the unedited interview, which of course will do him a lot a good when Jon Stewart’s viewers have already pegged him a nut.

“We can handle it. Doesn’t matter what they say or how they twist it. Our mission remains unchanged,” Grisham said, still confident this was a good thing. “We also have the interview recorded in its entirety just in case.”

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