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GOP Congressman Angry Republicans are Too Obama Friendly, Calls for Bible-Based Revolution

North Carolina Representative Walter Jones is angry with his Republican Party. According to him, they are just not serious enough about in their opposition to Obama and his policies, especially when it comes to Ebola.

During an interview on the Laura Ingraham’s show last week, Jones told the host he was simply fed up with how the GOP was allowing Obama to spend money and send troops to West Africa.

“I want people to understand that the people must take back the government because this is a prime example of the continued spending, and my party, the Republican Party, is doing absolutely nothing about it,” he explained. “I am just sick and tired of seeing what is happening to this country, and it’s not acceptable.”

To get the country back on track, he called for leaders that would understand that the only way to make America great was to rule with the Bible in one hand and the Constitution in the other.

“If we do not follow the Constitution then we will continue to go down this road of collapsing,” he continued. “That’s what we need to do is to have a revolution in this country, and not talking about gun necessarily.I’m talking about a revolution of people getting out of their offices and getting into the streets letting their voices be heard.”

He also warned that the real problem with America was greed, which if people bothered to read their Bibles, would know was wrong.

“Greed has destroyed America,” Jones opined, seemingly forgetting that just this March the House Republican supported a measure to make it easier for companies to outsource and profit from outsourced labor.“The Bible talks about greed, and when this country started moving jobs out of the manufacturing industry of America to other countries so they could pay people 70 cents an hour instead of $18 an hour, this was the beginning of exactly what you just said. And if we don’t take back this country then I don’t know what our grandchildren are going to have to look forward to.”

He concluded that while he wanted revolution, he did not exactly agree with those in the far-right calling to use guns to rise up. He thinks that just the Bible and the Constitution are enough  to take back America.

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  • bunnychi75

    Oh, but it’s okay for them to move jobs OUT OF THIS COUNTRY to support their greed, with the chances being that they have some sort of shareholder stake in said companies, damn the fact that folks in THIS country are in desperate need of jobs?? GTFOH, dude!

  • Bill Grant

    The Bible and the Constitution are generally incompatible, especially when protecting people that Christianity typically wants to throw in the trash can. These wing nuts really should read both, but you know how facts are irrelevant to the average conservative.

  • notadailycaller

    Did anyone else hear Looney Tunes music while reading this?

  • Isidis St Claire

    To rule “with the Bible in one hand and the constitution in the other” is counterproductive to what the Constitution is all about. Gees..there was a time Rerpublicans reveled in being the party that valued intelligence and education!

  • Delson

    Which Bible translation should be held in one hand? New English Edition, King James Edition, or some other edition. Walter, take you doctor prescribed medications, you’ll feel better.