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Televangelist Ernest Angley Accused of Forcing Women to Have Abortions So They Could Work Harder for His Church

Ernest Angley, known for his used car salesman looks and evangelical ‘Ernest Angley Hour’, has amassed a fortune with his ministry. The Ohio-based televangelist and his ministry own a television station, a resturant, a private jet and the Grace Cathedral.

Now, the 93-year-old evanglist is finding himself in hot water after it seems he asked his female church members to do something that is usually frowned upon in the evangelical world. He told them to get abortions.

“This man is a monster,” Pam Cable told the Akron Beacon Journal. “He’s a monster. And I can’t understand why all these years have gone by and nobody’s ever really been able to do anything about him.”

A number of women have come forward to say that Angley has told them to have an abortion.

Mimi Camp said when she found out she was pregnant she waited to tell the pastor. When she did, he told her to terminate the pregnancy.

“He [Angley] went into some sort of vision and said, ‘Thus sayeth the Lord, if you have this child it could take your life or be retarded and you won’t be the mother to your other two children.’ ” she recalled.

She finally agreed to have the abortion after the church leaders continued to pressure her, but she says that she has regretted the decision ever since.

For his part, Angley said he does encourage men to have vasectomies, but he does not advise abortions.

During an interview with Angley conducted by the Akron Beacon Journal, one of his followers, who was sitting in, explained why having kids now was such a bad idea and how the no-kid policy is really just an extension of ‘Christian love’.

“I would hate to even bring a child into the world at this point, being a parent, just having common sense. … If you look at the condition of this world … it just seems to be going downhill.” the church usher said.

Angley agreed. “It really is. It really is. I wouldn’t want to be brought into this world now.”

His ex-members, though, say the real reason Angley does not want them to have kids is because of greed.

“He doesn’t want people to have kids because it would take their time and money away from [the church],” Greg Mulkey, a former church soloist said.“He really forced people into abortions through scare tactics, as if he were a medical doctor. It turns my stomach.”

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