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As If He’s a Looker! GOP State Lawmaker Says Democratic Congresswoman is Too Ugly to Win

It is not like State House Rep. Steve Vaillancourt is a real looker. That did not stop him  from bashing Congresswoman Anne Kuster’s appearance in a recent blog though.

“How ugly is Annie Kuster?” he asked about the incumbent Congresswoman in a NH Insider blog, adding, “Drag queens are more atrractive [sic] than Annie Kuster….not that there’s anything wrong with that.

He then stressed that calling Kuster homely on his public blog is not just him being mean, it is serious political commentary because he saw some poll that he just can’t find at the moment on Google.

“It was late the other night when I saw some polling data which went by too fast for me to write down, and I’ve been unable to find it on Google.  It might have been from Fox’s Red Eye show (3-4 a.m.–I told you it was late)…or maybe I’d fallen asleep and was dreaming,” he opined. “I seem to recall hearing that a new survey is out revealing that, with two caveats, an attractive candidate can have as much as a seven to ten point advantage over a less attractive (or even an unattractive) candidate.” [all sic]

Then, taking a turn for the creepier, he said that while Kuster was ugly, thankfully her Republican opponent was just-enough smoking to get elected.

“Republican Marilinda Garcia is one of the mot [sic] attractive women on the political scene anywhere, not so attractive as to be intimindating [sic], but truly attractive,” he commented, not sounding at all pervy in the process.

Not surprisingly, women’s groups were not at all amused.

“This is a lawmaker? Like, a person who makes laws? This person has no business anywhere near laws that affect women or other human beings,” said Jess McIntosh, a spokeswoman for EMILY’s List.

Another woman, quoted by miscellany:BLUE called for Vaillancourt to resign if he thought being a masogynistic jerk qualified as political commentary.

“That he lives his life as the judge of some constant internal beauty pageant is disturbing,” she wrote. “That he feels obligated to comment publicly on this topic shows the kind of misogyny we’ve come to expect from the party of the war on women. That he thinks somehow that looks have anything to do with intellect or job performance shows a level of disconnect that is absolutely stunning. He should be forced to resign.”

Photo Credit: NH Courts

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