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Tea Party Not About Politics? Michele Bachmann Sings Tea Party Praises in One of Her Last Speeches as Congresswoman

Michele Bachmann is leaving Congress but before she goes, she wants everyone to know just how much the Tea Party and her time in Congress has been a success for America and the advancement of ‘freedom’ and founding values.

In a speech today at the Heritage Foundation, the somewhat subdued Bachmann sang the Tea Party – and her own – praises during one of her last major public appearances as a Congresswoman.

First she reminded everyone that the Tea Party did not have new ideas. They were simply trying to re-build America just like the patriots of the American Revolution.

These aren’t new ideas. They are the same values that have been espoused since the time of the American Revolution. But what is different is that it was time for us, we were in desperate need for a reawakening. And that’s what the Tea Party was all about: republishing the American values of American greatness.

She also said the media missed the point entirely when it came to a the Tea Party, because the Tea Party was never about politics, it is about returning the country to the ‘founding principles’ of America’s forefathers.

All the media wanted to talk about was whether the Tea Party was up or down, whether it was dead or alive. But that missed the point entirely. Because the Tea Party never was, never has been, never will be a political party. Because, you see, it’s a movement about returning us, returning our nation to our founding principles, front and center by contending for them in our public discourse.

Bachmann also pointed out that even if the Tea Party candidates don’t win big in the upcoming election, it doesn’t matter, because the Tea Party-ers have done their job by making sure that the entire Republican Party has moved right to embrace freedom and their ideas.

Well, the grassroots energy sent a wave of freedom-loving reinforcements to Washington, D.C., in 2010, including the likes of Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul, and it took the gavel away from Nancy Pelosi in the House of Representatives. And with the largest number of seat pick-ups since 1948, I wonder what this election this year will yield. Even the establishment moved toward embracing the Tea Party’s messaging about constitutional principles like national debt and balanced budgets.

She concluded by saying that even though the Tea Party may be waning, her legacy and the legacy of other far-right Tea Party-ers was here to stay.

The Tea Party will never be content to let the principles of American greatness slip away. And with two more years of President Obama’s pen and phone to come, contend with them we must.

Despite Bachmann’s optimism and promises, however, Tea Party  is struggling, something that Rebecca Nelson of the National Journal pointed out, may ultimately make Bachmann, and the party she helped built with her far-right rhetoric while Congresswoman, a mere footnote in history.

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