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Georgia GOP Hopeful Thinks the Only Way to Save America is for the Government to Push Religion

Georgia Republican candidate Jody Hice has some pretty strong views when it comes to separation of church and state.

In short, he doesn’t think it should exist.

First off, he thinks that if the Bible were preached in the public schools, like in the ‘good old days’, it would cut back on teen pregnancy and violence, despite the fact that it simply is not true.

He also has made it clear when the Constitution talks about freedom of religion, the forefathers could not possibly have intended for Muslims to receive the same freedoms as his fellow Christian brethren, in fact, the way he tells it, Islam is not a religion at all.

“Although Islam has a religious component, it is much more than a simple religious ideology,” Jody Hice, who is a pastor, explained in his book.  “It is a complete geo-political structure and, as such, does not deserve First Amendment protection.”

Now, he has come up with his latest reason why America should be a land ruled by the Christian Bible.

According to Hice during his Thursday radio show, not only does the Constitution intend for religion to mix with politics, but it is the only way to ‘save’ America.

“When it comes to the idea of religious liberty it is not constitutional for the state, if you will, just to be neutral towards religion,” he preached.

He continued by saying that religion [or at least Christianity] is  “an entrenched part of who we are…and a necessary part of who we are.”

“You remove God and you remove religion,” he stressed, “and you remove the state from encouraging religious belief and you get more secularism, you get more problems, you get more crime, you get all, whatever, fill in the blank out there.”

His solutions for all the ills of the modern nation, then, was to eliminate separation of church and state and have the government encourage believers.

“Government has a responsibility to encourage religious belief,” he concluded, “because that is is the foundation, as I said earlier, of how limited government can exist.”

Photo Credit: via Issue Hawk (Jody Hice)

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