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A GOP Candidate Refuses to Debate, So Three Men Dressed as Chickens Take His Place

Colorado Democrat Irv Halter invited his GOP opponent to a debate. When the incumbent Congressman refused to attend, three chickens decided to take his place.

Halter said his campaign had nothing to do with the prank.

“We had nothing to do with setting this up,” the Democratic House hopeful said, adding he was hoping his invite would be a chance to talk issues. “We certainly hoped while looking for a debate and hoping Mr. Lamborn would show up we decided to participate.”

Congressman Doug Lamborn, though, found the idea of chickens fielding questions for him distasteful and was convinced Halter and his team had something to do with it.

“It’s unfortunate that my opponent seems to be involving himself in uncivil if not ridiculous stunts.  To me it smells of desperation,” Lamborn said.

As it turns out, Halter and his team did not plan the fowl act. A third-party has now taken the blame.

The prank was actually thought up by a newspaper publisher who wanted to draw attention to the fact Lamborn refuses to discuss the issues.

John Weiss, who publishes the  local Independent – which has backed Halter – admitted that he and a 35-person-strong ‘Colorado Springs Citizens For A Congressman Who Won’t Chicken Out’ are behind the chicken invasion.

He also said the goal was no so much to support Halter, but to embarrass Lamborn and draw attention to his being a no-show, especially since many of the members are Republicans who are sick of Lamborn’s antics.

Since coming to office, the GOP incumbent has been at the center of a number of controversies. He was the only Colorado congressional delegate to vote against re-opening the federal government after the shutdown. He has also called Obama a ‘tar baby’ and encouraged the military to disregard orders from the Commander-in-Chief.

Still, Lamborn is leading in the polls, with an expected 70 percent of voters, to Halter’s 30 percent, and even after chickening out at the debate, is expected to be re-elected by a wide measure.

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