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Right Winger So Offended by Native American Proverb about Money, He Makes a Video About It

Last year, GOP talking head Bill Whittle made news by claiming in a speech that the show ‘Family Guy’ and other liberal propaganda was making Republicans lose elections through pop culture.

“But if you’re a young person out there today and you can finish the theme song from ‘Family Guy’, then all the anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, anti-morality messages of ‘Family Guy’ are in your head as completely and thoroughly as that theme song is… You’re programmed by the pop culture,” he said back then stressing how much Family Guy was anti-GOP values. “You’re programmed by story… and if we’re the villain in all of the stories that are told we’re never going to win another election again.”

Now, he is back stirring up righteous indignation among his sycophants over a Native American proverb he saw on Facebook.

In the six-minute video, Whittle ridicules a young woman who is holding this sign:


First, he calls her message dumb and then calls the woman a “blindly stupid young thing” who thinks she is being brave by feigning moral superiority.

Then, he announces that the reason the so-called liberal message is so wrong is because even a two-year-old knows you cannot buy money and you can use money to buy food.

Of course, the message is talking about environmental destruction and the fact our food supply is getting more and more contaminated thanks to big corporations and factory farming, but Whittle skips over that entirely to prove his next big point – according to him money is good for the environment.

He is also convinced that the real message of the Facebook image  is that liberals think like infants and just want to sound important by holding a sign saying such things.

Yet, despite his know-it-all attitude throughout the video, the muckraker has it all wrong. The woman in the picture did not make the money quote up. It is a Native American proverb that dates back at least to the 19th century.

Of course none of that matters to Whittle. According to him white men and money have been in charge a long time now.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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