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Is This The Most Racist Anti-Obama Truck Display Ever?

There has been an image circulating around the internet the last few days of a truck showing what appears to be a vile, anti-Obama decal on the back.

Showing an image of Barack Obama dressed as a Somali elder, the display on the back of a Texas truck reads, “Does this Socialist A** Make My Truck Look Too Big?”

To make it even more despicable, the back of the truck even features a real banana somehow stuck to the decal firmly enough it can endure high speeds, just to highlight the point that the truck’s owner thinks Obama is an ape.

The image was allegedly taken in the East Texas town of Tyler at the intersection of Loop 323 and Highway 155 earlier this month, according to the user who posted it to Reddit.

Once on the social media site, the pic quickly went viral with many saying it had to be the most racist truck decal ever.

Kolten Parker of  My San Antonio quipped, “It is hard to say what’s most (or least) impressive about this Texan’s use of racism to scream his or her political views at anyone on the road, and now anyone on the Internet,” but quickly decided that the fact the person decided to censor ‘a**’ but not his racist views was right up there, as well as the fact the user seemed to be so dedicated to his/her hateful sentiments s/he was willing to buy fresh bananas every few days just to make her point.

Others pointed out that the “a**” may have been ape, while others bemoaned the fact the truck also has a sticker for a college, where the occupant presumably attended.

With a lack of details, some questioned even if the image was real (surely people don’t really do this?), but Snopes, the purveyors of debunked myth on the internet, has verified it most likely is.

As it turns out, the decal is not even the only one. While the Texas did it up bigger, bolder, and more racist, everyday Obama haters can get a similar decal for $3.99 on the web sans banana.

Photo Credit: Reddit

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