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Turning on Their Own? Prominent Birther Says Ted Cruz is Ineligible to Be President

It was no shocker when far-right Republicans tried to claim Barack Obama was an illegitimate President because he was born outside the United States.

Nor was it a surprise that when Obama finally produced his birth certificate that the conspiracy theorists quickly changed gears and decided the birth certificate he produced was not legit.

It is a bit of a stumper, though, why these same birthers – stalwarts of the conservative right – are now turning on one of their own.

Yet, that is exactly what Richard Mack – the same former Arizona sheriff that was a mouthpiece for ‘freedom’ on the Bundy ranch  – did on a recent radio show when he declared Tea Party darling Ted Cruz ineligible for America’s top political spot.

While appearing on a recent Blog Talk Radio show, Mack fielded a question from a caller who said Cruz could not run because he was born in Canada.

“That is correct, I try to say that to a lot of people. Ted Cruz cannot run for president of the United States,” Mack replied.“I like Ted, I’ve met him several times and he’s kind of a friend of mine, but he can’t run for president.”

The thing is, not only is Mack wrong about Cruz, but he is also exposing just how wrong the whole birther movement is about Obama too.

As Roger Simon at Politico pointed out, by bringing attention to the fact Cruz was born in Canada, Mack and his pack of birthers are essentially shooting their own conspiracy theory about Obama in the foot.

“Barack Obama had a birth certificate proving he was born in the United States but the ‘birther’ wackos still tried to claim he was born in Kenya, making him ineligible to be president,” Simon explained.

The trouble is, just as in the case with Cruz, just being born in Kenya wouldn’t have mattered with Obama, something that becomes painfully clear when Cruz’s situation gets added to the picture, since Cruz is a U.S. Citizen because his mom was one, not because of where he was born.

“Using the legal argument that now helps Cruz, Obama still would have been a natural-born citizen of the United States even if he had been born in Kenya, because his mother was a U.S. citizen.”

In other words, when conservatives push to prove Ted Cruz really can run thanks to folks like Mack, they ultimately have to concede Obama, whose mother’s citizenship has never been a question, is legit too.

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