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Chicken Fight? Sarah Palin Endorses Joni Ernst Because Liberals Aren’t Neighborly

Iowa GOP candidate Joni Ernst recently made news when it was revealed she thought that churches, and not the government (and her taxpayer money), should  feed the poor.

Now, Americans for Prosperity have launched an attack ad accusing her opponent, Bruce Braley, of being the one who is really “not very neighborly…not very Iowa,” because while he wants to feed hungry kids, he has a thing against the neighbor’s chickens.

The ad features two chickens talking about how they can’t go for a walk because that Senatorial candidate guy Bruce Braley threatened to sue when they were on his property.

The 30 second spot is aimed at making the Democrat look like a bad neighbor and whiner, and at least according to Sarah Palin, the ad is spot-on.

Posting the ad to Facebook, Palin mocked the “unneighborly lawyer-loving liberal next door,” who squabbles with his neighbors over little things.

“This is equivalent to moose eating a garden in Alaska,” Palin said. “Shooing them away and sauntering into the neighbor’s berry patch, you hear, ‘I’m going to sue!’ from the unneighborly lawyer-loving liberal next door. No, that’s not very Iowa, nor Alaska, nor anywhere else in the USA, Mr. Braley (or is it Bailey?). Iowans, please vote for the tough-enough candidate not ducking behind a lawyer’s skirt. Vote Joni Ernst.”

Yet, while none of what Ernst is saying seems all that neighborly either – especially when it comes to the less fortunate, LGBT community or those who believe in reproductive rights – the biggest irony is that Palin should be complaining about anyone’s civic behavior at all, especially when her own brood just got in a not-so-friendly drunken brawl with the townies.

That scuffle though, was – at least in Bristol Palin’s eyes – over something way more important than a trespassing chicken. According to her account, a woman may have disrespected her sister.

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