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How the NRA Nixed a Bill to Make it Illegal to Eat Dogs in Pennsylvania

While many crazy Americans pamper dogs and lavish on them human love and affection, in some parts of the world dogs are a source of meat.

Yet, even here in the States, a minority of people consider dogs fine dining, leading to an underground canine meat trade, sourced by cruel and often filthy puppy mills uncovered by an SPCA investigation.

After learning dogs were being butchered for food in Pennsylvania,  however, one lawmaker tried to draft a bill to stop the dog slaughterhouses and kennels in the state.

When the NRA got involved, though, the whole thing went bust.

To be clear, the NRA could have cared less about the people who might crave dog meat.

They were concerned about the fact that someone had attached to the bill a measure that would have also made pigeon shoots illegal, something that is popular t the NRA set that they were adamant the measure should not pass.

Pigeon shoots are not a genteel sport, despite the NRA’s deceptive description of the shoots as ‘ethical’ and part of a sportsman’s heritage.

In a single shoot, sometimes thousands of pigeons die, often in a horrific manner as described by Addicting Info.

The pigeons are stuffed into a tub and fired outward. The force of the launch typically severely injures the bird so that even when the shooter, standing a few feet away, misses the bird, the injured creature falls to the earth and slowly dies. In some cases, people — typically teenagers — are paid to wander around the field looking for still-living birds and break their necks. In other cases, the birds are left to suffer in the field until they die of their injuries. It’s incredibly cruel and nearly every animal rights group in the world has condemned the practice.

Yet since it is a gun sport, the NRA went on overdrive, lobbying the Senate Republicans who promptly squashed the bill, keeping dog meat legal in Pennsylvania, at least for the time being.

Photo Credit: istolethetv (A pampered pet)

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