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Pat Robertson Admits Climate Change is Bad for Humans, At Least in Biblical Times

Pat Robertson has long denied climate change is real. Now, he seems to be changing his tune, at least a bit.

While he still doesn’t think man-made global warming is anything more than liberal nonsense, he said God has changed the climate and that is why people don’t live as long these days.

“Apparently, after the Flood there wasn’t as much moisture in the air, there weren’t as many bacteria, microbes and things like that and maybe the climate was such that salts on our bodies weren’t as severe,” he said. “But after the Flood, God said the years of a man is going to be 120 years.”

As a result, people no longer live as long as Noah or Methuselah, who the Bible says did not enter their twilight years until after the ripe old age of 900.

Ironically, adamant climate change denier Robertson may have inadvertently provided a biblical ‘proof’ of one of the things climate scientists have been preaching all alone. Experts from WHO and other researchers have long warned changing weather patterns will reduce human life spans.

“Overall, climate change is projected to have substantial adverse impacts on future mortality, even considering only a subset of the expected health effects,” the World Health Organization said in its latest “Quantitative Risk Assessment of the Effects of Climate Change on Selected Causes of Death.”

WHO also stressed that the impact on human mortality will likely occur”even under optimistic scenarios of future socioeconomic development.”

Fans of Robertson, though, don’t need to worry about longevity though – climate change or not. Thankfully, the televangelist has a cure, a ‘miracle’ shake that allows the televangelist to stay fit and active.

“Where does Pat find the time and energy to host a daily, national TV show, head a world-wide ministry, develop visionary scholars, while traveling the globe as a statesman?,” an advert on CBN asks.

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