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Sarah Palin Says Obama is Using Ebola Crisis to Exert More Control Over America

Today, Sarah Palin spoke to Greta van Sustern about the Ebola crisis in America. Not surprisingly, she said it was all Obama’s fault.

According to her own recap on Facebook, Palin used her time on the air to make it clear Obama was just being an opportunist over Ebola.

“Every crisis will be capitalized on by a liberal federal government as an excuse to expand government authority,” she said, adding, “The Obama administration made clear early on that they abide by the Alinsky tactic to ‘never let a crisis go to waste.’ The latest crisis has been drummed up by their incompetent reaction to the spread of Ebola.”

She also said Obama’s administration was the one drumming up fear so that people will let them do whatever they want.

“[The administration is saying] ‘Hey, little people, just give up more freedom in exchange for our promise of a little security!'” she continued, concluding. “Obviously with this Washington liberal M.O. we are losing both.”

Despite just lecturing about exerting too much control over the lives of others, Palin then said when Republican governors like Christie were taking measures to control Ebola by imposing quarantines and other measures (ones that even the UN has said are excessive), that was just fine.

“I agree with state governors who are filling this Obama leadership void and setting rules to tackle Ebola because the leader of the country cannot do it, and the 10th Amendment protects states rights in a case like this,” Palin continued without mentioning Christie by name.

She then concluded, without a hint of irony, that the real problem was people trying to make Ebola a political issue, especially those darn liberals who spin everything for their benefit.

“Liberals can turn that inch into the LAST mile toward statism,” Palin warned. “That’s why politics must be excised from the Ebola issue, and the medical and scientific community must be listened to by the Obama Administration. They MUST put Americans first, and we must not buy into any hysteria as we calmly yet aggressively keep the Ebola virus out of our country.”

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