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Tea Party Patriot Doesn’t Get Why Threatening Obama Earned Him a Visit from the Secret Service

Drew Walker first came to the attention of the internet world when he posted a meme of his little girl (or granddaughter?) holding a gun with the caption, “So Obutthead you want my pappies guns, I say come and try and get them.”

He also posed with a gun himself with the words, “Hey Obama, Smile MotherF*cker.”

The second meme, as well as number of disturbing videos, caught the attention of the Secret Service who paid Walker a visit.

Walker, though, did not seem to grasp why the agency charged with protecting the President would get so mad because he made a threat against the President.

In fact, in his version of events, he thought that the Secret Service’s visit was a perfect time to ask them about all those crazy Obama conspiracies he seems to think are facts.

“Alright, patriots, so like I said yesterday the Secret Service visited me all p*ssed off about that f*cking meme that had me holding a double-barreled Derringer saying ‘Hey, Obama, smile motherf*cker.’ And the thing that p*sses me off the most about it is the fact that they’re busy investigating me when so much sh*t’s going on in this country,” he said a foul-mouthed YouTube rant.

“They should be stepping up and doing their f*cking job, and arresting Obama for treason,” Walker continued, unable to say more than a few words without swearing. “But yet they’d rather come f*ck with a regular U.S. citizen like myself. for an opinion, nothing more. Not a threat. An opinion. So, I can’t see where their reasoning is.”

He then told his YouTube fans that not only did he ask about the ‘secret Muslim training camps’ he seems to think exist but he also asked about Obama’s birth certificate “because a Kenyan national should not be in office.”

In response, he said the Secret Service looked at him like he was crazy and asked him if he had any mental health issues, which he seemed to be unlikely the case since he was a ‘patriot.’

“I am a 100 percent United States patriot,” Walker said.”I will fight for this country till the bitter end. And all those who oppose me — I mean, if that means the government’s gonna come after us to try to silence us patriots, well, then, our fight’s with them,” he said on his post-Secret Service video, apparently thinking it was still a good idea to post threats to the web.


Warning: Walker’s video below is as foul-mouthed as his rant above

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  • Edith Conner-King

    This guy is a fruitcake and sadly his daughter will be just like him if she doesn’t end up accidently killing herself!

    • Joyce Jacobson

      The tea party is full of people just like him!!!

  • Wendell Craig Woods

    This nutcase is seriously deranged! There is a gurney and straight jacket with his name on them in the local psyche ward. He needs to be committed…..IMMEDIATELY!

  • pintowolf

    This fool needs to be castrated

    • Bill_thompson95

      too late, he already procreated.

      • Thomas W. Yale

        At least it’ll prevent him from procreating even further.

  • Bill_thompson95

    Mental illness isn’t pretty. His kid should be taken from him for her own protection and he should be locked up before he shoots someone.

    • Eva Cutler


  • PhotoTeez David Alston

    Nice. You kiss your mother with that mouth?

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    hey nutjob, where were you when gwb the terrorist was destroying this country? where were you when banks STOLE $700 billion during gwb the terrorist’s presidency? Where were you when gwb the terrorist created the tsa and the department of homeland stupidity, and the unpatriot act? Oh, and how many “we want less government” neocon republican congressmen voted FOR ndaa? I know the answer, do you?

  • Estella Cohen

    Why didn’t they take his daughter into CPS custody?

  • Mary Ray Eichman

    It makes me shudder to hear the disrespect that’s given to our twice elected president. Threats like this should come with a severe penalty.

  • thomasbone63

    Another damn fool thats permitted to have a firearm without having his head examined.

  • Cindi Hammer Petrillo

    I wonder if that gun the little girl was holding was loaded.. I’m betting it was!