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Pat Robertson Blames ‘Liberal Death Culture’ for Terminally Ill Woman’s Decision to End Her Life

Brittany Maynard has terminal brain cancer and has announced she plans to end her life.

Setting a date at Nov.1, the young pretty woman’s decision to die caused controversy, especially among those who think she is dying too soon.

Maynard, however, has said that she will know when it is time, Nov. 1 or not.

“So if November 2nd comes along and I’ve passed, I hope my family is still proud of me and the choices I made,” she said yesterday in a 6-minute video obtained by People. “And if November 2nd comes along and I’m still alive, I know that we’ll just still be moving forward as a family, like, out of love for each other and that decision will come later.”

Pat Robertson, however, thinks Maynard is making a big mistake and devoted an entire segment of the show encouraging her to stop falling prey to the liberal death culture that is teaching her death with dignity is even an option.

First, Christian author Kara Tippett told Maynard she was being selfish and warned the dying young woman,”you are robbing those that love you with such tenderness, the opportunity of meeting you in your last moments,” despite the fact Maynard’s family supports her choice and have vowed to be with her when she ends her life.

Chiming in at the end of the segment, Robertson said the real reason Maynard wanted to die was the “so-called liberals” who promote a “culture of death” that encourages suicide and abortion.

“They want to kill babies, they want to kill the terminally ill,” Robertson ranted. “They don’t seem to honor life. And what we should do is honor life, not hasten death.”

He then said that the liberals are the one pressuring people like Maynard and talking them into suicide to say medical expenses.

“You want to pressure somebody? And you say to them, ‘would you like to run up huge bills and burden your loved ones? Wouldn’t it be easier just to leave this world?’” the TV preacher insisted, adding,  “The culture of death is so pervasive, and the pressure to end the life of these people, it is really tough.”

He then encouraged Maynard, who has very little chance of recovery from her illness, to hold out hope for a miracle.

“She has brain cancer, but brain cancer can get healed,” he said, calling on her to embrace God, not death. “God can heal anything.”

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