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Pat Robertson to Viewers: Satan Wants to Destroy Our Babies

On Friday’s 700 Club, Pat Robertson encouraged his viewers to punch out Satan because the evil one was behind abortion.

First, he illustrated the power of ‘Satan’s forces’ with a wrenching tale of a woman who under the influence of her Satanic father, was forced to embrace the dark side.

“When Sandy’s father exposed her to demonic activity at a young age, she spent a lifetime running from darkness,” the report said. “Finally, she found a source of power to help her break free.”

In response, he encouraged his viewers to join Sandy in the light and break free from the dark lord and “Just say, ‘I am free. On this Halloween I gave a black eye to Satan.”

The televangelist then preached that one of the best ways to ‘break free’ was to realize that abortion is from the devil and those that advocate for it are doing his work.

“The Devil has tried to destroy people, he wants to kill babies. Why do you think we’ve got such an incredible culture of death in our country? Why do you think that we’ve killed over 50 million unborn babies? Who do you think is behind all that?,” he warned.

“This isn’t just human, it is demonic. Satan wants to destroy our babies,” he continued. “He wants to destroy our babies just like Pharaoh sent the word to destroy the Hebrew babies, and it’s the same thing all the way through.”

While he did not directly blame liberals during his Halloween show, just this week Robertson also made it clear who he thinks is doing the devil’s bidding and promoting a culture of death – the “so-called liberals.”

“They want to kill babies, they want to kill the terminally ill,” Robertson ranted, accusing liberals of promoting a “culture of death.”

“They don’t seem to honor life, And what we should do is honor life, not hasten death.”

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