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Things Conservatives Think are Funny: An Anti-Obama Halloween

On a day of candy, ghosts and trick-or-treat, some conservatives just couldn’t help but add a bit of anti-Obama flare to their holiday. From anti-Obama costumes to gory displays, here are some ways the right is making Halloween just another Obama bashing day.

Wearing Obama Masks Because He is the Devil – Remember Kirk Cameron? He was once on a sitcom. Now, he is a fundamental Christian who has been preaching that Halloween is actually a Christian holiday that was used to make fun of the devil and demons by dressing up like them. These days, though, he suggests another sinister target. Real Christians, he explained, will use the holiday to don Obama masks to mock the devil-Prez.


Lame T-Shirt Costume – Any t-shirt claiming to be your Halloween costume is already lame. This one though is especially lame because it pokes fun of Obama in big letters reading “This is my Obama costume. Now hand over your candy so I can redistribute it,” which in fairness is extremely scary to the 1 percent.



Obama Tombstone Decoration – In Oklahoma, one homeowner decided to decorate his yard with tombstones featuring such creepy names as “Imma Gonner” [sic]. Dwayne Dockens , not exactly a fan of Obama, also added the President’s name to one of the tombstones, which prompted a neighbor to complain. Dockens, though, refused to relent, earning the cheers and praise of the far-right set.

KOCOWoman-says-fake-Obama-tombstone-is-disrespectful-img (1)

Obama’s Head on a Stick – Yet another outdoor display that the homeowner refused to take down, Richard Piersol’s yard featured a decapitated Obama head on a stick, completed with fake blood which he readily admitted he put up because he doesn’t like Obama at all.

“It’s like free speech. I am pretty much saying I don’t like his politics, and I don’t like him. That’s it,”Piersol explained to KBOI.


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