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Oops! Kirk Cameron Calling Halloween a Christian Holiday Doesn’t Sit Well With His Fellow Evangelicals

A while back, former sitcom star Kirk Cameron told his fellow evangelicals that the Christian thing to do this Halloween was to celebrate the holiday (preferably wearing an Obama mask to mock the Prez), because Halloween was at its roots a Christian holiday.

His revelation did not sit well with his fellow evangelicals, though, who said not only was the devouter-than-you Cameron misguided when it came to his Halloween advice, he might even be promoting paganism.

Mike Gedron, who offers his own counseling on all things Evangelical at ProclaimingtheGospel.org pointed out that no matter what Cameron said, Halloween is still not consistent with today’s Christianity.

“The two faiths are diametrically opposed to one another,” Gedron wrote in a scathing blog on his site. “I strongly disagree with Kirk Cameron and would encourage him to avoid celebrating anything that has to do with the pagan practices of the apostate Roman Catholic Church.”

He then said that the very advent of the Protestant movement (which eventually birthed the American Evangelical branch) was because Martin Luther got sick of the church combining pagan and Christian traditions.

“The reason Martin Luther posted his 95 thesis on a church door on Oct. 31, 1517 was because the very next day, All Saints Day, Catholics would be coming to the church to venerate the bones and relics of dead ‘saints’,” he continued. “The Castle Church of Wittenberg had over 1900 relics of dead ‘saints’ on display. Catholics were granted indulgences for the remission of sins if they venerated the relics and made confession of their sins. This practice of necromancy is strictly forbidden by God.”

Gedron then concluded that while Cameron was out celebrating with his Obama mask, he and his righteous followers will be “encouraging people to remember the Reformers who were brutally tortured, murdered and burned at the stake by the Roman Catholic Church for defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” which does not sound fun at all.

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