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Birthers are Still Holding Out Hope Congress Will Launch Investigation of President’s Birth Certificate

Lord Christopher Monckton is a climate denier and British title holder who has falsely claimed that he is a current member of the House of Lords, prompting the Clerk of the Parliament to take the unusual step of publishing a letter proving he is not.

Fancying himself an important voice in the conservative movement both in the UK and the United States, he also is a frequent contributor to far-right site WND, where he recently re-ignited the birther debate by encouraging American right-wingers to demand Congress launch an investigation into Obama’s birth certificate.

Once the GOP wins big on Election Day and “the GOP commands both the Senate and the House,” Monckton wrote convinced of a GOP sweep, then Republicans should “find what in English we should call ‘the cojones’ to do something about the birth certificate.”

(FYI, ‘cojones’ is of Spanish origin).

He also encouraged conservatives to throw their support behind Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s birther proposal before it is too late and Obama walks away from office without the proper birth certificate shame.

For Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, the clock is ticking on the investigation of the manifestly bogus “birth certificate” that is still posted at the crime scene that is the White House website.

The midterms are the last election before Mr. Obama’s eight-year tenancy of the White House expires without the option to renew. If the sheriff cannot act now, on the basis of the overwhelming evidence in his possession, then Mr. Obama will survive to the end of his second unlawful term as “president.”

The British pot-stirrer, though, should perhaps think a bit more about pushing the anti-Obama birther cause. While it is unlikely to matter so far into Obama’s presidency, Tea Party darling Ted Cruz was actually not born in the United States but,  like Obama,  he can claim he is a U.S. citizen anyhow because his mom is American.

In other words, unless they can prove Obama’s mama was not born in the United States, the point is moot.

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