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Not This Guy! Voter Gives Mitch McConnell Thumbs Down in Epic Photobomb

In Kentucky, it is safe to say that Mitch McConnell’s Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes had at least one vote.

A man in a red shirt gave a thumbs down and a sour look in an epic McConnell photobomb direct from the polls.

Republican stalwart Mitch McConnell has been locked in a tight race with Grimes during the past months, fighting for a seat the senior senator has held for decades.

Aiding McConnell’s challenger Grimes’ cause, was the fact the senator’s approval ratings in the conservative state are hovering below that of widely unpopular-in-Kentucky Obama, giving Grimes at least a realistic hope of a victory tonight.

“McConnell has the support of conservatives and Grimes has the support of liberals, both of which are to be expected,” SurveyUSA said about today’s election.  “But Grimes outperforms McConnell five-to-three among moderates, and on this rock she builds her church.”

Recent polls have also put McConnell and Grimes in a dead heat.

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Helping out Grimes on Election Day, was a larger than expected voter turnout in the state, giving some hope Grimes might pull a historic upset for the leading Congressional Republican.

Rallying voters via Twitter in the last hours of polling,  Grimes used the epic photobomb captured by the press  to rally her supporters to the polls, encouraging voters to “Stand with this guy…Not this guy!”

As polls started to close in Kentucky, Grimes also tweeted out to voters to stay in line, “If you’re in line to vote stay there!” she posted. “Every vote counts.”

By 7 pm, though, The Courier-Journal had already called the race in McConnell’s favor.

“Nate Silver, who runs the blog fivethirtyeight.com which uses statistics to predict elections, has said that McConnell has a 98 percent chance of winning re-election and that the GOP has a 76 percent of taking the Senate,” the paper reported, giving the GOP incumbent the win.

Shortly after 8 pm, Grimes conceded the race, leaving many Democrats feel a lot like ‘that guy’ who had the misfortune to vote next to McConnell at the polls.

Photo Credit: Screenshot, Twitter

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