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Sarah Palin Accuses Mitt Romney of Being the One in ‘Never-Never Land’

After a brief media hiatus during the infamous brawl scandal, Palin is back in the news in full force, doing some last minute stumping for pet candidates and making sure people vote against Obama’s issues  and straight ticket conservative in today’s election.

In a recent interview with Breitbart, though, Palin let party unity fly out the window when she said she doesn’t think comprehensive immigration reform is possible (no matter what Romney and the RNC says).

“Where the heck have these GOP establishment types been during this election season?,” she asked, taking a jab at Mitt Romney. “GOP Senate candidates are promising to do everything in their power to stop Obama’s lawlessness, including his unjust amnesty that Americans do not support.”

She then honed in on Romney and said he must be out to lunch if he thinks immigration reform could be a reality.

“Governor Romney is busy promoting some decent policies; perhaps that’s why he clearly hasn’t followed today’s races because every Republican is campaigning against amnesty and every Democrat gunning for the Senate is campaigning for it,” she continued. “With all due respect, Governor Romney is in ‘never never land’ on this one.”

Despite Palin’s claims though, she is the one clearly in the minority, even among the GOP, as David Knowles of Bloomberg Politics pointed out:

While the Republican National Committee has warned the party to embrace immigration reform or suffer major losses in future elections, Palin and many conservative lawmakers remain entrenched on the question, and adamantly oppose President Obama’s vow to use executive orders to loosen current restrictions.

Still, despite breaking the conservative script, Palin emphasized that the only way to get more like-minded people like her in office was to vote GOP and against ‘dense Democrats.’

“Constitutional conservatives must win on Tuesday, meaning no votes for U.S. Senate or House candidates of the duped and dense Democrat persuasion,” she said, warning that “Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty will radically erode American sovereignty.”

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