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Palin for President? ‘Leader-Like’ Palin Gloats GOP Win is Anti-Obama Victory, Talks Strategy for 2016

America woke up to a new political reality this morning. Thanks to voters in key small states, Congress is now in the hands of the GOP.

Among the new lawmakers, extremist Iowa candidate Joni Ernst cruised to a win for a Senate seat. In Georgia, anti-Muslim pastor Jody Hice handily defeated his Democratic opponent for a place in the House.

According to Sarah Palin, however, the real victor not the politicians but all those who voted against the Democrats to send Obama a message (and especially her SarahPACers of course).

“Thank you, wise voters! Tonight is a big victory for We the People! Credit is due to the victorious candidates. Your message to President Obama is undeniably received, though he’ll try to ignore it,” Palin gloated on Facebook post-election day, despite the fact her SarahPAC actually contributed very little to the midterm elections in the form of cold hard cash at all.

She continued by explaining yesterday’s vote was a strong action against Obama, just as she had hoped.

“Now, new Republican Congressional majority in the House and Senate, please realize that Americans were not necessarily voting FOR any party; they were voting AGAINST the continued dysfunction and corruption in D.C.,” she continued. “We the People were saying, ‘enough is enough’ to the scandals, crony capitalism, and utter lack of leadership in Washington.”

She added it is “our responsibility” to learn from the Democrat’s mistakes.

“The Democrats got mauled today, deservedly so,” she advised. “To prohibit that from happening to the GOP in 2016, it must learn the lesson from the last time Republicans held the Senate majority. This time they must not retreat, and it’s our responsibility to hold them accountable.”

While Palin did not explicitly announce she planned to have more of a role in party politics leading up to 2016, the more ‘leader-like’ Palin rallying post-election support should not be ignored, especially since it follows a strong hint she would like to be back in the running.

Last week on Fox News Palin announced,”I’m going to bug the crap out of them [her critics]  by being out there with a voice, with the message, hopefully running for office in the future, too.”

Her SarahPACers also seemed to think Palin is sounding Presidential-ready. Under her ‘leader-like’ Facebook post, a number of her fans encouraged Palin to run for President in 2016.

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