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Thanks Colorado! Gay Bashing Candidate Who Called Obama ‘Demon’ is Now a State Legislator

Gordon Klingenschmitt’s far-right and often anti-gay rants have graced Issuehawk before.

In September, the then GOP-candidate claimed that Christianity is “literally” being banned in America because of legislation that allows same-sex marriage.

“Christians are fined $13,000 and may no longer celebrate the Christian sacrament of marriage in their own home, unless they also host lesbian weddings” he wrote. “Literally the court is banning Christian worship, saying these Christian farmers cannot worship Christ during a wedding, unless they also worship and participate equally in sodomy in their own home. They are now coming into our homes, and dictating our worship. This unconstitutional policy, to punish Christians (with no religious exemptions) will be law in all 50 states, if ENDA is passed.”

He also sent an e-mail to his supporters in August saying than an openly gay Democrat would for some unknown reason join ISIS so he could “behead Christians.”

“The openly homosexual Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) introduced a revised bill to force Christian employers and business owners to hire and promote homosexuals with ZERO RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS for Christians who want to opt out,” Klingenshmitt warned. “Democrats like Polis want to bankrupt Christians who refuse to worship and endorse his sodomy. Next he’ll join ISIS in beheading Christians, but not just in Syria, right here in America.”

As Right Wing Watch noted, Klingenschmitt has also penned a book where he compared Obama to a demon and child-murderer because as he made clear he doesn’t like Obama (or Democrats) at all.

“According to Klingenschmitt, Obama is ruled by the ‘demonic spirits’ of  ‘death,’ ‘murder,’ ‘child-murder,’ ‘sexual abuse,’ ‘genocide,” “paganism,’ ‘witchcraft,’ ‘homosexual lust’ and ‘anti-Christian oppression’… to name just a few,” the watchdog group wrote after reviewing his book.

Unbelievably, despite openly spouting his extreme rhetoric during the last few months in last night’s election, Klingenschmitt sailed to an easy victory, earning over twice as many votes as his Democratic challenger and a place in the Colorado State legislature where he now has a license to vote and influence laws.

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