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A Maryland County Just Elected a White Supremacist to Public Office

The bad news just kept coming for moderates on Election night.

First, Mitch McConnell won his re-election bid, making him the likely Senate Majority leader.

Then, hog-castrating, gun advocating and climate denying Joni Ernst – the same woman who wants to wipe out programs for the poor from the government budget entirely – won a seat in the Senate.

Jody Hice, the Islamophobic, anti-gay pastor who believes religion can cure America also secured a seat in the House, adding another far-righter to Congress.

Yet, all this bad news on the national level allowed the news of one election to fall through the cracks. While the GOP was celebrating their victors Tuesday night, it included one local winner who is an open white Supremacist.

Michael Peroutka snagged a seat on the  Anne Arundel County Council in Maryland, despite the fact he doesn’t believe civil rights even exist.

According to Right Wing Watch, “Peroutka is a radical Christian Reconstructionist and southern secessionist. He says ‘so-called civil rights laws’ are not valid because ‘there is no such thing as a civil right.

That is also only part of makes him such a ‘winner’ according to Right Wing’s list of his rants.

“He says promoting evolution ‘is an act of disloyalty to America.‘ He says of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy,’The reason he hates God is because he thinks he is God.‘He thinks gay people are out to ‘recruit your children‘ into their ‘deathstyle,'” the watchdog group reported, making it clear that not only does he has extreme views, he regularly spews them publicly.

Oddly enough, although Peroutka was just elected to office, the new Councilman also does not think the state legislature is even valid, which make it questionable how he will fulfill his role in the county council chamber at all.

The only good news is, that unlike some other matches on Tuesday, at least the vote was close.

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Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun

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