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Right-Wing Site Selling ‘ISIS Hunting Kits’ Just in Time for ‘Hunting Season’

The far-right gun crowd has a brand new must-have just in time for Christmas. The appropriately named ‘Tacticalshit.com’ has launched an ‘ISIS Hunting Kit’ for the discerning ‘patriot’.

According to the site, the kit was put together based on customer requests.

“Many Patriots without Military or Law Enforcement experience have been asking for help in building their kit,” the site said. “This bundle makes it easy just in time for hunting season.”

While prices vary from over $200 to $470, the kits feature a tactical vest, a helmet, gloves and a hat and look like standard SWAT team issue merchandise. Guns and other ISIS-fighting weapons are sold separately.

Even if intended as a novelty item by the same site that sells ‘Liberal Tears Gun Lube’, the ‘ISIS Hunting Kit’ promotes one of the biggest lies of the far-right, and one is causing unneeded fear across the country.

Republicans, especially in border states, have repeatedly claimed ISIS terrorists are sneaking into America right now.

“Rep. Jason Chaffetz said at least four terrorists have tried to cross into Texas, while his colleague Duncan Hunter put the figure at ten. Neither found the need to share any evidence to substantiate his claim,” Right Wing Watch reported.

Some even said ISIS is in league with Mexican cartels.

“Tom Cotton, the Arkansas congressman and U.S. Senate candidate, warned voters that ISIS and other groups are working with Mexico-based drug cartels to launch terrorist attacks in America as they ‘infiltrate our defenseless border and attack us right here in places like Arkansas.'”

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the actual number of ISIS terrorists caught sneaking into America is actually zero (that is exactly two less than the total number of people who have contracted Ebola on American soil).

Still, the far-right site is using the fearmongering to sell ‘hunting kits’ and candidates these days and both seem to be scoring big.

GOPer Dan Patrick turned terrorist-hunting into a campaign ad, and he won in Texas in a landslide.

Photo Credit: Tactileshit.com

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