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Thanks Oklahoma! Senator Elect Wants to Erase National Debt With the Power of the Lord

On election night, GOP candidate James Lankford cruised to an easy victory over the Democratic challenger Matt Silverstein, garnering 68 percent of the vote to snag a Senate seat.

Now, the Baptist preaching turned Congressman said he plans to look to the teachings of a Biblical prophet, as found in the Old Testament, to solve America’s budget woes.

“Budget, for me, is still a huge area. The people have started to step back and say, ‘Well, our deficit is only $480 billion now so we are doing much better in deficit.’ We still have $480 billion. That’s a big deal,” he told far-righter Tony Perkins and his Family Resource Council flock.

“I come from a biblical worldview in the way I address issues,” Lankford continued. “I look at Nehemiah and how he handled things when he stepped into Jerusalem. It was that the people were in disgrace and the wall was broken down, but the two things that he focused in on was the constructive side of things and the debt. Half of the Book of Nehemiah is just getting the people out of debt, so they could actually take on the other things.”

The preacher also made it clear he thought that those ‘wall breakers’ were the Democrats and the Obama administration and he and the Christian right are the prophets planning on leading the wayward flock.

Yet in truth, it is the Republicans that caused the budget mess, at least if you consider facts, not just GOP propaganda.

“Nearly every single thing driving the current increase in public debt — tax cuts, wars, the recession, and measures to fight the recession — was a result of Bush-era policies that were enthusiastically supported by nearly every single Republican,” Kevin Drum explained in Mother Jones. “They only got religion after a Democrat won the White House and had to clean up the mess they left behind.”

To prove his point, Drum even provided a handy chart showing how GOP policies are to blame.


Of course, Lankford did not talk about the Bush-era’s role in debt when preaching to the FRC.  Instead, he said he plans to “pray through” his Congressional decision-making and use the Bible as his guide while in office.

Photo Credit: Mother Jones (chart), Congressional Photo (Lankford)

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