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Extremist Calls for Patriots to Skip Voting, Kill The Prez Instead

On Election Day, one far-right gun nut announced he was not going to vote because according to him voting is a ‘scam.’

In a post spotted by  AATTP he explained his ‘logic’:

Today is election day. I will not be participating in the scam anymore. When you vote, you continue to acknowledge that the government has a right to rule over you. I really don’t care if anti-gunners win the election because if they do and they manage to pass laws, around 5% of the people will follow them and they won’t be enforced. The founding fathers created the second amendment because they knew that using guns was the only way to bring down a tyrannical government, and that voting was completely useless. Sic Semper Tyranni.

While he made it clear he thought voting was ‘useless,’ he did suggest another gun-related activity. Accompanying his post, he posted this meme:


For reasons that were totally missed by the Gun Rights gun who posted the pro-assassination message, the internet world did not respond well to the note and called him an extremist, insane and other things.

So he took down the initial post and replaced it with this whine:

“Why is that when I post stuff about the American revolutionaries using guns to get freedom it’s all positive feedback, but when I post something about John Wilkes Booth using a gun to defend freedom everyone freaks out?”

Then, after people still complained and unliked the page, he defended his anti-vote, assassination rant once again by saying his vote would not have mattered anyhow.

Lots of people on this page threw a fit after I declared that I was not going yesterday. Nearly 400 people unliked it. All of the candidates that I would have voted for got less than 5% of the vote because I always voted straight (L). Now when I voted for Libertarians, people threw a fit and said that I should vote for the Republican candidate. In my state, the Republicans won every election by a large majority so either way my vote would not have mattered.

With all those ‘haters’ driven away by his dangerous rantings, Gun Rights guy even found some syncophants.

Ivan Roberts commented, “Those 400 people that unliked the page are idiots of the highest caliber. They actually believe there is a difference between the parties. Those are not the kind of people you associate with if you care about Liberty.”

Still, most commenters, like Tom DeShong, reminded him that voting is not something to be taken lightly, commenting back, “f you don’t vote then you should have no opinion about politics.”

It also should be pointed out threatening a Presidential assassination is also not cool, just ask this fellow ‘Patriot’ whose anti-Prez gun talk earned him a visit from the Secret Service.

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