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Illinois Just Elected a Tantrum Throwing Dog Killer to Congress

Apparently, the key to getting elected on a GOP ticket is to be a little bit crazy, extremist or both, especially in the case of one newly-minted southern Illinois member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Mike Bost has a history of public temper tantrums, including one paper-flinging, arm-swinging outburst on the floor of the state house over the highly sensitive issue of pension reform.

During his 2012 rant, aimed at the state Democrats, Bost issued this memorable line:

“I’m sick of it! I feel like somebody trying to be released from Egypt. Let my people go!”

Yet, unfortunately Bost’s tantrums are not limited to the political sphere. He also shot a dog and was proud of it.

According to the Huffington Post, the incident occurred in 1986 after a beagle bit his daughter, but Animal Care and Control did not act immediately to put the dog down since the animal control officers reported the little girl had been chasing the dog at the time.

According to court records, Bost was displeased that authorities would not be able to deal with the 10-year-old dog immediately. So he got his handgun, drove to Rusty’s owner’s home, and shot the dog to death while it was penned in an enclosure.

Neighbors were “very alarmed and disturbed,” according to the police report, but a jury eventually found Bost not guilty of breaking any laws. The local paper reported the case under the headline “Area man acquitted in dog killing trial.”

In addition to the dog incident, Bost was also involved in at least two accidents, a mysterious gun theft case and two cases where he had to call police after having unwelcome and angry visitors at his day.

The new GOP Congressman also makes a habit of joking about killing the beagle, once even telling a Politico reporter, “What if I killed a second dog in front of a reporter?”

Still, despite having anger issues and a regrettable sense of humor, the people of southern Illinois thinks he is great choice to be a U.S. lawmaker.

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