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Peroutka Says He is Not a ‘Neo-Confederate’, He’s Just a Plain Old ‘Confederate’

On Election Day, in Anne Arundel County, a proud white supremacist was elected to the County Council.

Michael Peroutka is an extremist who, according to Right Wing Watch “is a radical Christian Reconstructionist and southern secessionist.”

He also does not believe in civil rights legislation because according to him “there is no such thing as a civil right.

Yet, apparently, he does not want to be called a neo-Confederate, because the word is just not cool in his circles.

Speaking with Peroutka on his anti-government show, host Sam Bushman asked him about the neo-Confederate label that has been applied to him since his win at the polls.

“It’s interesting how they create these terms and we don’t even know what they mean,” Bushman said. “Look, a Confederate, if you want to talk about ‘southern pride’ so to speak, or whatever, would be that you’re against the federal government and the violation of states’ rights, if you understand kind of the idea behind it. But a neo-Confederate? That would be kind of like you’re a fake Confederate or a wannabe Confederate.”

Peroutka replied, ““If anything, I want to be just a true Confederate.”

He then said the liberal media just uses that term “to stir up hatred against us” and that’s not fair because he simply “believes what Jefferson and Adams and Washington believed.”

For the record, he may be on to something. Peroutka does share some similarities with Jefferson, although not the ones that are often touted.

Describing Jefferson and his slave owning ways, Stephen Ambrose wrote, “Jefferson owned slaves. He did not believe that all were created equal. He was a racist, incapable of rising above the thought of his time and place, and willing to profit from slave labor…He embraced the worst forms of racism to justify slavery.”

These days, though, racism like Jefferson embraced during America’s founding days has absolutely no place in today’s society, not that Peroutka cares.

The self-described ‘true Confederate’  Peroutka also told Bushman, God is on his side and helped him get elected to spread his ‘patriot’ views.

Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun

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