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Right-Wing Craziness: ‘Democrats Hug Muslims Because They Hate America’

In the days leading up to the midterm elections, the far-right crowd turned their attention to an all-out Obama smear campaign.

Few though, went as far as Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt and talk show host Stan Solomon, who managed to lump nearly every Obama conspiracy together on one single episode of Solomon’s show late last month.

The duo started out by talking about how all Democrats are evil, especially since they are not-so-secret Muslim huggers.

“Democrat [sic] party” thinks “everything is to be reduced to race or some sort of sexual perversion,” Pratt said, prompting Solomon to reply, “they can’t help themselves but reach out and hug the Muslims and the Muslims, if they’d ever get into the position, would kill half the Democrats.”

Pratt then explained why, at least according to him liberals hate America but love Muslim-hugging.

“The liberals are so consumed with hatred of our country that when they see somebody like a Muslim who hates America as well, they can’t get it through their head what you just pointed out, that they’re next,” he said, also calling liberals a bit dull. “If they get those folks in power, if they pull off what they’re trying to do, they’re toast. You and I can probably protect ourselves because we’ve been preparing for that.”

They concluded by saying that the Muslim that the Democrats love the most (Obama, of course) is actually a gay man.

“A homosexual Muslim married to man, I can’t imagine how Barack Obama would do if he ever ventured into a Muslim country and didn’t have 800,000 armed people around him,” Solomon said, likely referring to the far-right conspiracy that Michelle Obama is actually a transgender and was born a man.

Pratt then concluded his right-wing round-up by adding the inevitable comment that made it clear Obama was hated all religions, especially those godly Christians no doubt.

The President “disparages every religion, his religion is Barack Obama, but he is a man that does not like this country,” Pratt said.

Photo Credit: David Mason (Free Hugs)

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