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Ben Stein Blames ‘Self-Defeating Blacks’ and Obama for Creating Black ‘Underclass’

The way Ben Stein tells it, the racial divide in America is not a complicated economic and social problem at all.

It is also certainly not the fault of the 1 percent or white folks either.

According to Stein, the only people black folk have to blame for inequality is themselves.

“If you read the liberal mainstream media, that the main problem with race in America was poor innocent black people being set upon and mistreated by the police,” Stein said on NewsMaxTV, once again commenting on how he thinks the whole thing about Michael Brown is not at all right, especially now Brown’s mom may face charges. “That’s just nonsense.”

He then said the real problem is the black community has just made themselves pathetic and now can’t crawl out of it.

“I mean, the real problem with race in America is a very, very beaten-down, pathetic, self-defeating black underclass that is — uh, just can’t seem to get its way going in the way that blacks were able to before the scourge of drugs and the scourge of gangs,” the former actor and Fox News frequenter said.

Of course, black people could have been moving on up, if it were not for Obama, who he has called the most racist President in American history.

“I mean, it’s an amazing thing — blacks were on their way in this country, even after the horrors of slavery, and then drugs came in, the destruction of families came in, and the crisis in the black community is just absolutely unbelievable,” Stein continued, forgetting most drug users in America are white (they just don’t go to jail as often for it.)

“It seems to me, is something that Mr. Obama could have addressed, and he just ignored it completely.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot (Ben Stein)

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