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Right-Wing’s Phony Ex-Terrorist Claims U.S. Will Fall into Muslim Hands By 2020

Kamal Saleem has a pretty scary pedigree, at least if you ask him. He claims to have worked for the PLO, Muammar Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein and is Islamic royalty as the ‘Grand Wazir of Islam’ (a position he just made up, it seems,).

He also is a regular guest of the Religious Right, often making outrageous anti-Muslim claims that are touted as proof of the far-right’s Islamophobia.

According to Saleem, the United States is already being ruled by an Islamic shadow government that has made “unholy alliances with gays and liberals.”

Now, talking with Tony Perkins of the FRC this week, he announced he now has proof that America is doomed.

First off, he said America has ‘Sweden Syndrome’ and will soon fall prey to the same tactics that made Sweden fall to Islamic extremists.

“When the Islamists came to takeover  [in Sweden] they started prying on the political leadership” he said, until “leadership started protecting them and one day he came to protect them and led their movement over there so now it’s led by the politician of Sweden and the Muslims are taking over the civilization. Same thing is happening here in the United States.”

In fact, according to his tale, radical Islamists have already infiltrated the “seven spheres of influence” and even joined in an interfaith service at the National Cathedral, which as a keen observer he knows is a front for something sinister.

That service, he said, was much more than an act of community and sharing, it was a sign of the “Chrislamic church” that is now “destroying our civilization from within.”

Much more, if the far-right does not step in to stop the liberals and gays supporting the Islamic extremists, then “America will be fallen” by 2020.

He is so sure he of  his prophetic warnings, he has even written a book, which just so happens to be co-authored by Jerry Boynkin of the Family Research Council and is available for purchase for all those who want to know more about the gay/liberal/Islamic plot that will spell the nations demise.

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